What We Believe








  • About God

    We believe in the existence of one true God who has revealed Himself to this world as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit through the Word of God and the person of Jesus Christ. We believe that God created humans to have a relationship with Him. We believe that God the Father cares deeply for all of humanity, and desires for each and every person to find their way back to a restored relationship with Him through Jesus.

    About Jesus

    We believe that the best decision you could ever make is to follow Jesus. It is only Jesus, through his death and resurrection, that makes our relationship with God the Father possible. Jesus alone has mediated "for us, and has made us right with God...", by forgiving us from all sin and inviting us into a life inspired and shaped by His unconditional love and grace.

    About Holy Spirit

    We believe that the Holy Spirit exists as a third unique expression of God. Holy Spirit draws people to belief and faith in Jesus. Holy Spirit also strengthens and gives power to those who follow Jesus as we learn to grow in our faith. Holy Spirit works in tandem with our human spirit, inspiring and equipping us to walk out our faith.

    About Humankind

    Humankind was created good and upright; for God said, "Let us make humanity in our image, after our likeness." However, by voluntary wrongdoing and willful disobedience, humanity fell out of ​relationship with God and fell prey to a broken and contrary sin nature which resulted in not only physical death; but spiritual death, which is separation from God.

    About Salvation

    We believe that salvation is God's free gift to us; that Jesus was crucified and died for our sin, was buried and on the third day rose again for the mediation of humanity. We can never make up for our sin through self-improvement or living well. It is only by trusting in and choosing to follow Jesus, and what he accomplished for us. Eternal life begins the moment one truly accepts Jesus into their life by faith through prayer. The inward evidence of accepting Jesus is the presence and leading of Holy Spirit. The outward evidence to all people is a life of righteousness and Godly holiness that serves as a credit to the message of Jesus as we grow and mature in our faith.

    About the Bible

    The Bible is God's Word given to every person. It was inspired by God and written by human authors under the supernatural guidance of Holy Spirit. It is the absolute and final source of truth for Christian beliefs and living.

  • Our Tribe

    We are a church partnered with the Association of Related Churches (ARC) in Canada and around the world. Please visit www.arcchurches.com or www.arcchurches.ca for more information about the ARC. For a more detailed version of our Statement of Faith, feel free to email us a request to info@evolvechurch.com


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