Next Steps









  • Journey Together

    Once you have made a decision to start trusting and following Jesus, what’s next?


    Evolve Church wants to help you grow as you learn to follow Jesus. Every Sunday, we run a ​30-minute class called “Next Steps”. Our “Next Steps” at Evolve is divided into 4 unique sessions that you can participate in at your own pace.

  • Week 1

    Focuses on what it means to be a part of Evolve.

    Week 2

    Helps you understand the hope you have found in Jesus, and how to grow in your journey.

    Week 3

    Discovering your unique purpose in this life.

    Week 4

    will give you practical ways to walk out your purpose in the context of getting involved with one of our teams at Evolve Church.

  • Start Sunday

    You can jump into our “Next Steps” any week at Evolve Church in the Library immediately following our Sunday service. We’ll even continue spending time with your Kids during those 30 minutes to give you the space and freedom to take your Next Steps in learning to follow Jesus.