• Join us on May 10 for our Mother's Day Giveaway

    2:00-4:00pm at our Evolve HQ

    9820 47 Avenue NW

  • Details

    We will have Blue Giraffe Creamery on site serving up Vanilla,

    Salted Caramel, or Mango Pineapple ice-cream.

    Waffle bites will also be on the menu!


    Evolve will be giving away one treat to every Mom.

    If Dad's & Kids want something, there will be a contactless payment option.


    As well, one of our incredible photography volunteers will be on site to take photos

    of any family out of their vehicles while waiting in our cue.

    • Drive into the property at the Evolve Flags - stay in your vehicle and wait. 
    • Move forward in the vehicle line up. 
    • We will allow 2-3 families at a time at the front of the line-up to exit their vehicle, and stand in the physical cue, practicing safe physical distancing while in line. Mom's treat is on us!!  
    •  There will not be any public restrooms open. 
    • Once you have your treats, head back to your vehicle and drive through, around the building to the exit. 
    • Open at 2:00pm. 
    • Closing down at 4:00pm. 
    • Please respect one another's space, and practice safe physical distancing. 


    We will publish all family photos to a Facebook Photo album for you to download from home.