Fall 2021






  • About Interns

    The Evolve Internship is an 8 month discipleship program for 18-35 year old candidates. This program is for those looking to grow in leadership, serve the local church, discover their calling, and develop as a follower of Jesus. The program is for candidates based in Canada and will run from September 2021-May 2022. The application deadline is August 15th 2021.

  • Why Become an Intern?

    Our Heart for Interns

    Thank you so much for your interest in our Evolve Church Internship Program. This local church internship will allow you the unique opportunity to be a part of a passionate, hard-working, and super fun team of people who are following Jesus and devoted to building His church.


    We are dedicated to helping you make the best use of your leadership gifts through an exceptional combination of weekly biblical studies, development of your spiritual gifts and leadership skills, and hands-on experience in practical church growth and ministry.


    We are also committed to seeing you thrive as an individual and know that this internship will grow you into stronger leadership and greater confidence in every area of your life.


    Please take some time to look through our information package for a detailed description of this internship. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@evolvechurch.com


    We strongly believe that this one year will change your life, and we hope that you do as well!



    Jono & Nicole Zantingh

    Evolve Church

  • FAQ's

    You have questions. We have answers.

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    1. What is the Evolve Church Internship?

    The Evolve Internship runs from September until May. The program consists of weekly team meetings, biblical studies and curriculum, leadership growth and application, as well as hands-on ministry experience. You will be working in specific areas of the church such as service planning, small groups, youth, media, worship and creative teams, pastoral care, and next steps.


    You will work closely with our pastors and leaders who will help you steward and make the best use of your spiritual gifts and leadership skills as you grow your faith, character, and spiritual walk.


    The internship will allow you to be exposed to a broad range of ministry experiences, and all aspects of church growth, as we pioneer and build a brand new local church together.

    2. What does the ideal applicant look like?

    The ideal applicant for the Evolve Internship is someone who represents and lives a life that is fully devoted to Jesus. They are someone who supports fully the vision and mission of Evolve Church. They are self-motivated, passionate, driven, and ready and willing to do whatever it takes to build the local church.

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    3. What will a typical week look like?

    The Evolve Internship runs 2 days a week, as well as Sundays. Our office hours are 9:00am - 4:30pm. You will intern on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sundays are a full day, starting at 7:00am and ending at 3:00pm. All interns will also need to schedule a maximum of 2 evenings per week for serving planning & rehearsals, and Evolve Church Small Groups. There will also be instances where interns will need to be flexible with their day, and arrive early or leave late.


    Tuesday: Evolve Interns will start their week with devotions, participate in the weekly Evolve Church Team Meeting, and attend biblical studies training and teaching sessions. Tuesdays are a valuable start to our ministry week.


    Thursday: Evolve Interns connect with specific department leaders, have planning meetings, complete department specific tasks and projects, prepare for upcoming events and services, and much more within the scope of church life. These days are very hands-on and lots of fun.


    Sunday: Evolve Interns arrive at church early to prepare for our day. They will serve as a part of the Evolve Team in setting up, preparing for service, and volunteering throughout the service. Sundays are so important. We see them as “game day” and a very practical way to outwork everything that you’re learning throughout the week. It’s through Sundays that you will get to see the difference you’re making in each individual person who we reach together.

    4. Do we get holidays or breaks?

    Evolve Interns will receive one week off after our Christmas Service(s), and one week off in the Spring session around the middle of March.

    5. What about accommodations and transportation?

    Neither accommodations or transportation are provided by the Evolve Internship Program. Accepted applicants are encouraged, where appropriate, to contact one another to share transportation costs, or rent an apartment or home together.

    The City of Edmonton’s Public Transportation System (ETS) operates both as busses and a light rail system. It can be fully relied upon for both safety and punctuality. Schedules vary after-hours and during weekends, so do your homework. If transit is something you plan on utilizing, be sure to search for housing that is in close proximity to our church venue, and to major transit lines.

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    6. What do I need to budget for?

    Whether you will be living by yourself or living with roommates, please keep the following things in mind as you plan your budget for the year:

    • Rent for accommodations
    • Transport; transit pass or fuel and vehicle maintenance costs
    • Food and other basic cost of living

    7. Can I have a job while I’m interning?

    The skill of financial stability is vital for life. We would hope that our interns display some semblance of financial responsibility and independence. To maximize your Evolve Intern experience, we would encourage you to save up for the year, or have others who would sponsor and invest in your intern year. We encourage interns to find a job and work part-time (Monday, Saturday, and some evenings) as long as it does not interfere with the Evolve Intern Program.

  • How to Apply

    Come and be a part of this unique, passionate, and life-giving intern community and devote one year of your life to helping build a new church community from the ground up.

    Step 1

    You need to apply. Complete the online application form. You can alternately download the application, complete it, and then scan the finished application to info@evolvechurch.com.

    Step 2

    You need to submit a video. Using a smartphone, please record a 30-45 second video of yourself explaining why you want to be a part of the Evolve Church Internship Program. Videos need to be sent to info@evolvechurch.com.

    Step 3

    You must submit a Pastoral Reference form. Please download and print a copy of our pastoral reference form, and have it completed by a pastor at your local church. Please have your pastor send the completed reference to info@evolvechurch.com.

    Please note: each applicant must provide a completed pastoral reference form in order for the application process to proceed to step 4.

    Step 4

    Interview Appointment. You will be contacted by the Evolve Internship Leadership team to schedule an in-person interview appointment. All out of Province or International applicants will be interviewed via Skype or Google Hangouts.

    Step 5

    Notification. You will receive notification as to whether your intern application has been successful or not. The timeframe for this notification will take place within one week of the interview appointment.